Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 2 Discussion Question

Come up with three character traits that you think best describe Maria Isabel from what we have read so far. Make sure to explain why you picked each trait and give an example from the story to support it. An example would be: I think Maria is brave because she has had to move many times and leave everything she knows behind. She is brave because she still tries to learn in school and make new friends even though she doesn't speak/understand English well and doesn't remember her new name 'Mary'. (You cannot use this example in your answer). 

Make sure to write in complete sentences and use details from the story to support your answers. Type this in your 'blogging doc' first so you can make corrections if necessary. Make sure to edit and revise your answer before you post it.


  1. My three traits for Maria are loyal because when the teacher changed her name she was so disappointed because it represents her grandmas she wants to be like them. Also Maria is very hard working because she is trying to do her best to fit in and make friends. Last Maria is very loving because she is always thinking about her family and Puerto Rico,like at school when she was looking at her teachers hand writing and thinking about how her mom’s handwriting was not as pretty as the teachers.

  2. One character trait is that Maria is friendly. She tried to make friends with girls at recess by jumping rope even though her knee hurts. I think another trait is that she is unhappy because she has had to change her name, move a lot, and her whole class laughed at her when she tripped. I also think that Maria is determined. She is determined to succeed because every time something bad happens to her, like when the class laughed at her when she fell. Maria just got up and got on the bus and went on with her day.

    1. I thought Maria was friendly too. I thought it was kind of cool that we thought the same thing.

  3. Brady I did not really agree with you when I first read the unhappy part but after reading your reasons I totally agree because when you said how moving made her unhappy I understood that. Great job!!!!!

  4. I think Maria is brave, friendly, and angry. She is brave because she is going to a new school in the middle of the school year with no friends and doesn’t even speak their language . Maria is friendly because she lets other friends be friends and not be her friend. She is angry because she is not answering to the teacher because she does not know who Mary is and does not like the name Mary.

  5. I think Maria is Nice,Kind,Friendly. First, I think she is Nice because she is very nice to anybody she meets because she wants friends.Second,I think she is kind because even though the teacher changed Maria`s name she is still kind to her teacher.Last,I think she Is friendly because when anybody talks to her she listens because she wants friends plus she is new.