Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 5 Discussion Question

Your journey with My Name is Maria Isabel has come to an end, I hope you enjoyed it. I want you to spend some time reflecting on the book. Think about the characters, the culture, the main events in the story, what did you enjoy most about the book? Was there anything you didn't like about the book? What did you think about the way the story ended? Was there anything you wish would have happened that didn't?

Please use specific details from the story to support your thinking. Be honest about your feelings and thinking, this is your time to reflect on your book.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 5 Agenda (May 5th - May 9th)

Here is your agenda for this week. This is what you should be working on and completing each day. Enjoy!

Monday, May 5th: 
- Group Discussions

Tuesday, May 6th:
- Read Chapter 10

- Add to Charts

Wednesday, May 7th:

- Plot Chart

Thursday, May 8th: 
- Pick a Project
- Begin Project
Friday, April 25th 
Answer Weekly Blog Question on Your Blog (type it in your 'Blogging Doc' first please)
- Comment on Other Posts - Specific, Strong Comments Only